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Asset recovery

Baynetwork offers Full Spectrum Asset Management and Recovery

IT Network Equipment we can help liquidate, recycle, buy, sell, auction or trade:

  • Networking Equipment
    • New, Refurbished and Used Routers
    • New, Refurbished and Used Switches
    • New, Refurbished and Used Blade Servers
  • Storage Equipment
  • Test Equipment

We will re-market your trade-ins or your lease returns and we also offer the option to purchase your equipment with CASH. Baynetwork will sell and distribute your equipment on your behalf and take a commission from the sale. This option can be effective when the product you are selling has a limited market or small number of buyers. Our broad customer base can help you sell your product faster and for a higher price. We have high customer retention and we are proud to earn referrals from many of our long time customers and we wish you could be one of them.  We have many options that you might find helpful so contact us and allow us to show you why our customers trust us and how we can help maximize your budget with premier services and equipment.

Being Green with BaynetworkBaynetwork offers full life-cycle solutions for your IT hardware recycling needs, we support "Green Technology" recycling. Our expertise help us to make professional decisions from thorough analysis reports to reduce your surplus on unwanted IT equipment inventory. Baynetwork will help refocus your IT budget. Our Asset Recovery Program offers hardware buy-back, network equipment recycling and asset trade-in and green technology upgrades.

You can also earn credits for your old equipment and apply it towards a system upgrade!

Baynetwork’s Full Spectrum Asset Recovery Program ensures a lower IT hardware Total Cost of Ownership (TOC) and an increase in IT budget Return on Investment (ROI). Our focus is to help meet the finance departments purchasing guidelines and budgets. With offices in the heart of Silicon Valley (Menlo Park, CA), Baynetwork is ready to manage your existing network's asset recovery and overhaul plan in the US & across the globe.

Baynetwork can organize an IT equipment auctions on site or off site. Our IT auction sale program is designed to return liquidity to your current IT hardware assets in the shortest period of time. We encourage you to inquire about other money saving and IT network liquidation programs we offer. It is Baynetwork's goal the help you get the best of both world's out of your existing IT network infrastructure.

Baynetwork works directly with thousands of small, medium and enterprise companies worldwide. We are proud to deliver IT asset recovery services in combination with discounted IT network hardware equipment from industry leading brands. 

Baynetwork's Complete IT Solutions will help you save time and money.

Baynetwork’s broker network will help you buy, sell or trade the IT network hardware product you desire or wish to replace and or remove.

Buy, sell and trade used routers, switches and general IT hardware

When it’s time to replace, upgrade, recycle or refurbish your company IT network equipment or office computers Baynetwork will manage all the logistics. Instead of throwing out and getting rid of your existing IT network hardware, make better use of its value with The Baynetwork Buy-Back Program.

Regardless of where you purchased your office computers or IT network equipment you can begin the buy-back program by contacting us online or by phone. Baynetwork will inspect the products you wish to sell or trade and if we feel we can repair or retrofit the items to current performance standards, we'll pay you top dollar or give your premium credit for everything on the spot. Our buy-back program is designed for you to get the maximum return on new, refurbished and used Cisco, Juniper, Barracuda, HP, Dell and other major brand name IT network equipment routers, switches and servers.

Baynetwork also works on consignment sales of larger (super) and more technically unique items that IT networks and computer data systems rely upon. We can help you get your product in optimum condition for sale and market it to the appropriate demographic audience. No money upfront, we only ask for a commission on the sale transaction.

Don't hesitate to call us with any questions our agents are standing by to help you buy, sell and/or trade any of your new, refurbished and used routers, switches and general IT networking equipment.

Maximize the return on your existing IT network hardware

Trade-in IT network equipment for cash or new, refurbished or used IT hardware.

Baynetwork happily accepts consignment sales, and in that same spirit of doing business in a friendly way, we have adopted the age-old tradition of the "barter system".

Ironically, "trade" in our industry doesn't make an appearance very often, but we have found that because of our commitment to refurbishing and the particular interests of our staff engineers, sometimes an arrangement such as this can work out well for all parties involved.

If you think you might have a situation where you old used IT network hardware needs a new home or should be replaced in a trade, just use the contact form and let us know. We always appreciate it when everyone wins. Not only will this help your bottom line, but we're both reducing the overall carbon footprint.

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