Data Integrity and Backup

Ensure integrity and accessibility of your data and backups

Data Integrity and Backup SolutionsProtection Against Catastrophic Loss

Losing irreplaceable intellectual property and company data is one of the hardest things for a business to endure. Whether via system failures or a natural disaster, hacking or virus, or user error, data failure is often unforeseen and sudden. Every business needs data backup, and Baynetwork will help your business to set one up, weather out data loss and get back up and running in no time.

There are multiple kinds of ways to avoid data loss, and Baynetwork provides solutions in every channel:

  • Built-in backup
  • On-site data backup 
  • Off-site data backup
  • Hybrid data backup 
  • Cloud backup

Baynetwork Network Attached Storage, Storage Area Network (SAN), and RAID solutions deliver a more efficient and effective way to protect data. Our team of certified industry professionals oversees the backup process, so you can be sure it is done efficiently and effectively. All backups are scheduled and controlled through on-site, off-site backup or our Cloud Services Division. We implement fully automated data transfers from NAS or SAN to off-site storage.

Baynetwork only recommends the best systems, software, and hardware to our clients. We know that data integrity is a necessity for businesses and we understand the importance of having backups that can survive everything from viruses to power spikes to natural disasters.

hybrid data backup

Implementing a Hybrid Cloud Data Backup Solution can help protect irreplaceable intellectual property and company data.

More often than none, companies find themselves unable to recover data using standard recovery practices. Baynetwork offers tested and proven data storage, data security and backup solutions. These methods meet HIPAA and SOX regulatory compliance standards for Business, Government, Medical and Financial Institutions.

We use Best Practice for successful data replication and backup:

  • We ensure that backup copies have the same content as the original data file.
  • Calculate a checksum for both the original and the backup copies and compare; if different back up the file again MD5
  • We compare files to ensure that there are no differences
  • Documenting all procedures (e.g., compression / decompression process) to ensure a successful recovery from a backup copy
  • Checking the integrity of the backup file, periodically retrieve your backup file, open it on a separate system, and compare to the original file.

A data backup is only valuable if it is accessible. When access to a data backup is required, the owner of the backup may not be available. It is important that others know how to access the backup, otherwise the data may not be accessible for recovery. It is important to know the "who, what, when, where, and how" of the backups:

  • Have contact information available for the person responsible for the data
  • Ensure that those who need access to backups have proper access
  • Communicate what data is being backed up
  • Note how often the data is backed up and where that backup is located including physical location (machine, office, company) file system location
  • Be aware that there may be different backup procedures for different data sets
  • Not all backups may be in the same location
  • Depending upon the backup schedule, each iteration of the backup may be in different locations (for example, more recent backups may be located on-site and older backups may be located off-site)
  • Have instructions and training available so that others know how to pull the backup and access the necessary data in case you are unavailable

As businesses grow, the amount of data that requires storage and protection will increase dramatically. At the same time, the window of time during which backing up data without having a negative impact on business operations decreases. These factors make the server administrator's job of storing and protecting data fundamentally more challenging.

Incorporating Baynetwork's Backup solution into your company operations streamlines management operations, lowers the total cost of ownership, and offers a better performing backup solution. 
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