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Data Integrity and Backup

Ensure integrity and accessibility of your data and backups

Data Integrity and Backup Solutions

Protection Against Catastrophic Loss

Implementing a Data Backup Solution can help protect irreplaceable intellectual property and company data in the event of any unforeseen natural disasters or system failures. More often than none, companies find themselves unable to recover data using standard recovery practices. Baynetwork offers tested and proven data storage, data security and backup solutions. These methods meet HIPAA and SOX regulatory compliance standards for Business, Government, Medical and Financial Institutions.

Our Technical Team provides both consulting and implementation solutions for single to multiple failover scenarios. Our solutions start with designing and configuring both on and off-site data backup failover. The failovers range from Data Center Colo to Hosted Cloud Storage Solutions.  This is often the last type of technology solution sought after by companies. However, it is ironically the single most important solution to invest in. Assure the integrity of your data by combining secure Data Backup Solutions, Dedicated External Hardware, built-in Server Operating System Tools and Off-Site Hosted Solutions if an event leading to a total catastrophic failure should occur.

Primary Data Backup Solution

The simplest form of data backup begins within an existing network that typically has a built-in backup.  We find these built in backups to be improperly set up or turned off by mistake. This is a network configuration that can be deemed extremely unreliable if the wrong person is "administering" a network. Hence, we prefer our primary backup as an external hardware device which is separate from the server. We refer to these as a NAS (Network Attached Storage) or SAN (storage Attached Network) Device. Dozens of manufacturers offer these types of devices. However, at Baynetwork, we only recommend proven storage devices that have been tested by our Technicians. If we don't like it, we won't sell it to our clients.

Off-Site Data Backup Solution

Off-Site Data Backup is a secondary layer of backup located in a completely different location from the source. There can be an Earthquake, Tornado, Power Outage, Fire, Flood or Theft that can physically devastate a business. If a business implements an Off-Site Backup Solution, it can still function even if the building burns down or collapses. Why would you risk losing everything? We are continually reminded about the importance of protecting our data as we watched Hurricane Sandy and Katrina in recent years.

Baynetwork can design a custom Disaster Prevention Plan for your infrastructure. This will include critical systems such as: Duplicate Hardware, Servers, and most recent critical data back-ups. Thereby reducing downtime from months to mere hours.

Off-Site Data Backup Solution

Loss of data can happen in many ways. Whether from a virus infection, bad media (drives, tapes, etc.), power failure and spikes; a good backup solution should be in place to prevent against critical data loss. Baynetwork, offers reliable backup solutions with little or no end user intervention. Thereby protecting critical data while not interrupting work flow. The result is better performance and a increase of savings due to a lower total cost of ownership.

Benefits of Using a Network Attached Storage (NAS) & Storage Area Network (SAN) Solutions

Data is a vital resource for business operations. A critical requirement for information systems and data management is protecting data from corruption, user error, hardware failure, theft or site disaster.

For decades, tape-based backup and restore technologies have been the primary mechanisms for protecting data from corruption or loss. However, managing many server-based tape back-ups in a LAN (Local Area Network) can become a problem as small and medium-size businesses grow. With each additional server brought online to increase storage and production capacity, an additional tape drive must be directly attached to provide backup protection, which drives up equipment costs and overwhelms server administrator resources.

Is there a less-expensive way to simplify management and improve back-up operations? Yes. Orange Baynetwork, Inc Network-attached storage (NAS) or Storage Area Network solution (SAN) delivers a more efficient and effective way to protect data by providing a network-based centralized backup model. Baynetwork, Inc controls the backup processes of all the clients and servers providing centralized disk based storage. This centralized networked approach reduces the amount of equipment required for backup operations and, in turn, lowers the management costs of backup administration. 

Network Attached Storage (NAS) or Storage Area Network (SAN) are the best choice for backup operations in the following three scenarios:

- Client back-ups

- Server back-ups

- Remote replication

Effective Management and Workflow

All back-ups services are scheduled and controlled through Baynetwork's Off-Site Backup or through our Cloud Services Division, OCCloud9. Data can be backed up from the NAS or SAN to off-site storage when network traffic is minimal and is fully automated.

Reduced Backup Time

Drive to drive file transfers via high speed Internet dramatically reduces the backup window time. When backed-up data must be frequently accessible, drive to drive restores are much less time consuming than restores from outdated techniques such as tape. With a SAN solution, this is accomplished even faster due to the speed of Fiber Optic performance.

Best Practice for successful data replication and backup:

- Users should ensure that backup copies have the same content as the original data file.

- Calculate a checksum for both the original and the backup copies and compare; if different back up the file again MD5

- Compare files to ensure that there are no differences

- Document all procedures (e.g., compression / decompression process) to ensure a successful recovery from a backup copy

- To check the integrity of the backup file, periodically retrieve your backup file, open it on a separate system, and compare to the original file.

- A data backup is only valuable if it is accessible. When access to a data backup is required, the owner of the backup may not be available. It is important that others know how to access the backup, otherwise the data may not be accessible for recovery. It is important to know the "who, what, when, where, and how" of the backups:

Have contact information available for the person responsible for the data

Ensure that those who need access to backups have proper access

- Communicate what data is being backed up

- Note how often the data is backed up and where that backup is located including physical location (machine, office, company)

file system location

- Be aware that there may be different backup procedures for different data sets:

- Not all backups may be in the same location

- Depending upon the backup schedule, each iteration of the backup may be in different locations (for example, more recent backups may be located on-site and older backups may be located off-site)

- Have instructions and training available so that others know how to pull the backup and access the necessary data in case you are unavailable

As businesses grow, the amount of data that requires storage and protection will increase dramatically. At the same time, the window of time during which backing up data without having a negative impact on business operations decreases. These factors make the server administrator's job of storing and protecting data fundamentally more challenging. Incorporating an Baynetwork's NAS, SAN or Cloud solution into backup operations streamlines management operations, lowers the total cost of ownership, and offers a better performing backup solution in the form of disk-to-disk backups. 

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