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Baynetwork provides innovative and cost-effective IT Services for the education sector, solving the many problems and challenges posed by decreasing school budgets, the need for collaboration tools, and accountability. Our solutions allow our education customers to concentrate on their core competency: teaching. Our comprehensive portfolio of solutions creates significant value for K-12 schools, school districts, and other education institutions.

In classrooms and lecture halls across the country, excited minds are learning the information, tools, and skills that will determine the future of the world around us. Is that learning experience offering those students everything they need?

With technology playing a more and more important role in the education process, it’s important to have Baynetwork team on your side. Baynetwork has worked with California schools, districts, and educational institutions to deliver IT solutions that make student experiences better, and improve the process of school administration.

- Expertise in E-Rate funding – including RFPs and assessments.

- Budget planning for your refresh cycles.

- Expanded networking including Wi-Fi throughout your campus.

- Enhanced school network security for greater peace of mind.

- Remaining compliant to receive funding.

- Expertise around key software applications and tools.

- Bandwidth and Content management

- Data Lost Prevention (DLP)


Technology is a critical component of learning, teaching, and research, yet your IT resources are often consumed by infrastructure maintenance instead of innovation.  With Baynetwork, you can deliver better IT support at a lower cost. Offer modern campus IT services, eliminate service outages, and align resources with strategic priorities that transform the student and faculty experience.

With Baynetwork you can protect your cuttingedge research data and personal student information. Bring incident data from your security tools into a structured response engine that uses intelligent workflows, automation, and a deep connection with IT to prioritize threats based on the impact they pose to your institution. And resolve them quickly.

With Baynetwork on your side, your team will be able to focus on students and teachers, instead of wrestling with your network. The tools you use both in the classroom and behind the scenes will remain cutting-edge, without breaking the bank. Partnering with Baynetwork you are one step closer to success, you can make sure your students are receiving all they need to ensure a brighter future.

Call  1(866)941-8510  to learn how Baynetwork can help your school or educational organization continue its mission!


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