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Help Desk

Help is available whenever it’s needed at Baynetwork. We offer help desk services to help our clients with all their IT needs. Our staff is highly professional and receptive to the technological help people need.

IT and Systems Help Desk

High-quality remote Help desk and Network monitoring services – every hour of every day.

Much more than a traditional support desk, Baynetwork IT help desk services provide our customers with professional and immediate help desk support without the costly overheard. Our IT help desk is fully-staffed by certified U.S.-based IT professionals who are available 24/7/365 via phone, email, web chat, or our secure web portal 

Baynetwork offers three unique IT Help Desk Services:

Help desk services and help-desk support options for organizations of all sizes requiring a full- or part-time support desk, an application or customer service desk, or a comprehensive technical service resource center. These help desk services include:

-  When IT Issues Can't Wait, our 24x7 Help Desk Has Answers.

Need a live Help Desk to help resolve your IT problems?

Live 24x7 Help Desk Support keeps businesses running quickly and efficiently.

Baynetwork offers unlimited 24x7 Live Help Desk support as a core feature in our managed IT service plans. And, we guarantee when you call our Help Desk you'll be speaking to a live technical consultant within minutes. Let the professionals solve your problems so you can focus on growing your business.

This always-available resource is staffed with certified network and system consultants who are ready at a moment's notice to assist anyone in your organization at any time.

Not all 24x7 Help Desk support is created equally. Thanks to our live online support technology, our certified technicians can see exactly what is happening on a user's computer screen and even take control of the computer when simple instructions are not sufficient enough to troubleshoot the problem. As a result, the Help Desk consultants at Baynetwork can resolve most desktop PC problems, Servers, Printers, Wi-Fi or Network issues as if they were standing right beside you. All that is required is a phone and Internet connection. Explore the benefits of having Baynetwork's as your trusted Help Desk provider.

- A Winning Outsourced Help Desk Solution

Need Outsourced IT Help Desk Support?

Turn to Baynetwork for immediate, outsourced IT support and start winning with IT.

Baynetwork offers comprehensive outsourced help desk services to businesses requiring a full-service technical resource center, a full or part-time help desk, an application support center, or a customer service desk. No matter what type of help desk function your business needs to outsource, we can provide you with a complete and customized turnkey solution based on your IT needs.

Our outsourced help desk solutions allow your organization to benefit from the most highly-qualified and certified technical staff anywhere - without having to worry about recruiting, training and fulfillment, and other related tasks.

The bottom line? Baynetwork has the people, skills and certified experience to provide a comprehensive help desk outsourcing solution, empowering you to concentrate on growing your business and succeeding with IT.

Access to a certified, US-based Help Desk technical staff

24x7 coverage capability and real-time monitoring

Online live support featuring RDP technology

Online live support chat capabilities

Team leader and project manager provided

Multi-technology support

Complete trouble ticket tracking and reporting solution

Web-based incident reporting and status tools for end users

Tiered service levels and custom response requirements available

Optional shared operational control with your in-house help desk team

On-site escalation supports available

Branded customer satisfaction surveys


We know how to run a busy service desk, and we’re confident that we can run yours. Our outsourced help desk solutions allow your organization to benefit from the high-level expertise of our certified technical staff — without having to worry about recruiting, training & certification costs, and other related processes. 

-  Private Labeled Help Desk Solutions: Brand Our Service Desk as Your Own.

If having the appearance of a dedicated internal support team gives your organization a competitive advantage, Baynetwork provides private labeled services.

For many organizations, being able to offer high quality technical support for customers, partners, and other parties is a competitive necessity. Our 24x7 service desk is highly customizable with a variety of options to provide your users with a unique IT service experience. 

If your organization requires the appearance of a dedicated internal support team, Baynetwork offers several private labeled help desk options.

Custom automated system greetings

Custom live greetings

Custom email signatures with customer logos

Custom stylized email reports to all call-in users

Custom web portal with customer logo

Custom remote screen-sharing capability

Custom embedded customer satisfaction surveys

Our online service desk is always available and staffed by experienced, certified professionals, ready to assist your organization - not call center agents.

Ready to discover how Baynetwork's IT Help Desk Services can give you a competitive advantage? Fill out the Contact Us form,

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