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Network Design

Network design Services

Keeping your business running smoothly requires building and maintaining a robust, highly available network. Baynetwork Systems Engineering and Network design offers proven network designs templates and “designed from scratch” solutions, and implementation services that drive results for your business.

For more than two decades, we have designed, implemented, and optimized networks ranging in size from 20 users to more than 15,000 crossing county, state, and international boundaries.  Our experience proves the value of investing time up front to properly determine the requirements for the network and allowing that knowledge to drive the design process.  It is the foundation of our success delivering network solutions of all sizes and complexity.

From simple to complex wide area multi-node systems, to local network with local or remote systems administration, VoIP and QoS, multi-area WAN intranets with versatile prepared RDP access, to cloud-based integration and recovery frameworks, Wi-Fi and Wireless systems, Baynetwork has the experience and ability to design solid, single or multi-vendor network solutions for any network complexity.

The Purpose of Networks

Networks exist to deliver mission critical IT services to users, partners, and customers so the business can thrive.  Users, partners, and customers consume IT services over the network.  Each group’s reliance on an IT service may vary in expected performance, access method and schedule, downtime tolerance, and security as the basis for the Service Level Agreement (SLA) that IT offers.

Baynetwork Network Design

It All Starts with Requirements

There are many technically qualified firms who can deliver a solution, but how do you know that the solution really addresses the right problem?  The only way to know for sure is to assess the requirements accurately and thoroughly.

Baynetwork's outline and implementations starts with a comprehensive needs examination and analyses. Our group assesses your present business and surveys your future needs. We consider your spending parameters and outline a system to address the difficulties of your business today and tomorrow. Once planned, our designers and project managers introduce the system and record an arrangement of benchmarks and strategies with proposed targets to guarantee organize respectability post establishment.

The consumers of IT resources have requirements (expectations) for the delivery of those services across several categories:


Applications must operate efficiently allowing tasks to be executed effectively.


Access to the network must be managed by policy and data must meet security requirements as it transits the network.


The desired number of users and devices must be supported.


The network must be able to scale to accommodate changes in user count, applications, locations, usage patterns, and access methods.


IT services must be available as required by users. This includes disaster recovery and business continuity plans.


Access to IT services must be supported from wherever required and from whatever devices are supported.

Our Time Proven Process

We use a proven interview process to gather the business requirements for each IT service and use it as inputs to a model that determines the aggregate uptime requirements, consumption patterns, what IT assets are used to deliver the services, and produces the design requirements for each IT asset on the network.  Our model translates business requirements for each service directly into design requirements for the network.

Readiness Assessment

The current state of the network must be assessed to determine the starting point for any changes to the network.  Constraints that might impact the design process include the availability of maintenance windows, migration strategies and methods, uptime requirements for existing services, and the quality of documentation for the existing network.

Designing a Solution

With the design requirements expressed for each IT asset, the wide-open landscape of solutions is narrowed to a select set of satisfactory options and simplifies the design process.  The available solutions can be evaluated based on cost and complexity, implementation method and risk, and effectiveness in meeting the requirements.

Why Choose Baynetwork to Design Your Network?

We have a time-tested approach that has been used to successfully design, implement, and optimize network infrastructures for more than 20 years.  The method scales to serve small businesses and large enterprise organizations.  Our ability to deliver network infrastructure solutions led to our selection to serve as Network design and provider for 2012 London summer Olympics and Nasa GPL wide area Network access solution, and other challenging complex projects.

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