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Network operations center

Network Operation Center services

With Baynetwork, we work day and night to guarantee your network runs easily and proficiently. We achieve this goal through a blend of proactive remote observing, computerized framework administration, and on location NOC monitoring. With 24x7 access to our Network Operations Center (NOC) and Service Desk, we keep up a nearby eye on your system for proficient issue approval and remediation. We see our connections as true partnerships. We are all in this together. What's more, we are devoted to guarantee you win with IT.

Using remote access software, specially designed plug-ins and remote monitoring and reporting software, we can monitor, troubleshoot, update, backup and manage all your network devices, servers, and storage, different brands and manufacturers from our state of the art NOC center. Our highly trained team of professionals can spot most issues before they become a problem and save countless hours of costly troubleshooting. Baynetwork offers a full suite of Network and System monitoring services in the Bay Area, all of which can help you streamline your business. Studies have shown that outsourced NOC monitoring is often less expensive than hiring a 24/7/365 full time in-house IT support staff for a small to medium-sized business.

At Baynetwork, we have been offering outsourced NOC monitoring to companies around the Bay Area for many years. Our technicians are constantly participating in training to ensure that they are always aware of the ever-changing technological landscape revolving around IT services in Silicon Valley, Peninsula and the San Francisco Bay Area.

There are several items which we strive to achieve that set us apart from our competitors:

- Monitoring of your mission critical network, servers and applications

- Active and passive monitoring and support at a fixed or flexible monthly cost

- 24x7 Monitoring & Alert Backup Job Screening

- Engineers watching system alerts 24x7x365

- Emergency on site and remote support

- Live chat, RDP, email and ticketing system support, as well as live phone support

- Remote resolution of issues over 90% of the time

- Engineers dedicated to your needs

- Very little disruption to your everyday business

- Filtering of monitoring alerts according to preset rules for ignoring

- Triage of alerts based on priority

- Problem identification and escalation

- 24x7 Manual Checks

- Scan Anti-Virus reports, detect infections, escalate incident

- Check emailed reports and detect pre-defined problem signals

- 24x7 Execution of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

- Ops engineers follow SOPs in response to anticipated incidents

- Escalate to designated contacts within Baynetwork and Customer for issues outside SOPs, or when SOPs fail to resolve the issue

- Graphical reporting of your network and system performance via remote signage systems

We think of ourselves as a vital extension of your company. We strive to work as a team with you to ensure that your company is always being served in the most efficient and practical manner possible.

In case of emergency we offer Onsite Support and Emergency Response.

One thing that sets us apart from most competitors is our commitment to providing regularly scheduled visits from our field engineers. This allows our engineers to get to know your staff and systems and take care of many issues before they spiral out of control. We also provide emergency response visits for issues which arise during our NOC monitoring when we are not on-site.

NOC services include the following at no extra charge.

Weekly Reporting & Feedback

Review of the alerts and their patterns in the review period

Discussion and analysis of NOC processes, responses and communication

If required, modify filtering rules and NOC processes

Plan for major maintenance's and planned disruptions


Monthly Analysis & Actions

Discussion and analysis of Operations processes, responses and communication

If required, modify SOPs and Operations processes

Periodic retraining of Operations staff to accommodate significant changes to environments and/or procedures


Major Incident Post Mortem Reporting/Follow Up

Timeline of Events: event description, actions taken

Summaries of key events

"What did we learn?" conference

Follow-up recommendations from Baynetwork team for prevention of problem recurrence and if necessary, modify NOC and Ops processes to improve response time

If you are ready to speak with one of our knowledgeable NOC consultants, call  1(866)941-8510  or fill out our Online Form.

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