The Warranty on a product can turn out to be nearly as important as the product itself. With a Baynetwork product you never have to worry about sub-standard equipment coverage as we maintain the best warranties in the industry — even on our refurbished products.

Baynetwork's 100% Guarantee

Standard Limited Lifetime*

Subject to the terms and conditions set forth below , Certified Cisco products and selected new products purchased after Jan 1, 2011 carry a limited lifetime warranty for the original purchasers of the products from Baynetwork, Inc.

Baynetwork, Inc., warrants to the original purchaser that its Baynetwork Cisco Certified products will be materially free from defects under normal use and service for a period of limited lifetime, but not longer than 5 years from EOL manufacturing date, beginning from the date product is shipped by Baynetwork, Inc. to the customer.

Baynetwork WarrantyThis limited warranty covers manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship encountered in normal, reasonable use of the product during the limited warranty period.


  1. to normal wear and tear;
  2. if the product has been mistreated or mishandled:
  3. if the product has been improperly installed or configured;
  4. if the product has been has been subject to an accident;
  5. if the product has been has been subject to lightning, power surges, incorrect electrical voltage, or other electrical stress;
  6. if the product has been subject to an act of God; or,
  7. if the product has been modified.

If a product covered by this warranty is claimed to be defective, the customer must follow the warranty return policy described on Baynetwork website. Upon receipt of returned products, Baynetwork, Inc., at its sole discretion, will either choose to repair, replace or issue a credit to the customer's account. The warranty period for the repaired or replaced product shall terminate upon the termination date of the original warranty period of the defective product.

This warranty does not cover Software products, Key Codes, Voice Mails, batteries, headsets, HDDs, Fan, licenses and Extended Warranty agreements, Service Agreements or Special Order Items.

This warranty only covers Certified Cisco Product(s) and selected new product(s). All partnered manufactures are excluded from this warranty. Our Certified Product passes a comprehensive physical inspection, is exposed to rigorous refurbishment, is kept in our state-of-the-art warehouse and is stored and sent in quality packaging. Please speak with your Account Manager for any further details.

Premium Warranty Upgrade

Baynetwork, Inc., offers a line of warranty upgrade programs. Please ask your Account Manager for more details and pricing on the following options:

  • 1, 2 and 3 year coverage
  • Additional benefits

*Supplemental Baynetwork Policies

Please NOTE the following important conditions and considerations:

  • Free 90-Day Technical Support applies ONLY to Cisco and Juniper purchased from Baynetwork.
  • Free Ground Shipping covers Continental United States only.
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