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Security Solutions

Reclaim your network—on premises and in the cloud.

Network Security Solutions

Reclaim your network—on premises and in the cloud.

The challenges of network and data security are complex, but solving them does not need to be.

Network Data Security

In today’s business climate security is a top priority. We understand that your information needs to be protected. Baynetwork will be your vanguard against hacking, information mining, virus attacks, network vulnerabilities, and provide data backup. We assure our clients that their data is safe and accessible by authorized personnel.

Our team is ready to respond to any security issue, with industry leading techniques in network security. We employ the use of our hardware and software partners like Cisco, Juniper, Dell SonicWall, Hewlett Packard, Symantec, Trend Micro, ESET amongst other industry leaders to ensure that your network will be protected from any attack. A robust solution to your IT security issues will be an iron wall against the dangers of being connected to the outside world. Let us show you the policies and procedures that encompass the best practices in the protection of your electronic business assets.

Security & Risk Reduction

We are partnered with industry leaders in software and hardware to ensure the security of your system

- Trend Micro – The first when it comes to diagnostics and protection

- Symantec – Advanced antivirus services from the industry leader

- Bitdefender – Antivirus Applications

- Email Protection – Roaring Penguin & McAfee services to guard your email against spam, viruses, and intrusion

- Dell SonicWall – The forefront of hardware firewall protection for any business size

- Hewlett Packard – Care and support for systems and servers

- Cisco – Routing and networking hardware from the highest standards of IT equipment

- Metasploit – Penetration testing to show security vulnerabilities

Robust Security Advantages

- Our IT solutions provide an iron wall of security that is nearly impervious to hacking, intrusion, denial of service, and data-mining attempts

- Proactive security from our engineers to communicate and recommend IT security options

- No-worry assurance so you can continue your business flawlessly while we provide watchdog protection

- Network Intrusion Detection & Prevention Systems

Enterprise security for the digital workplace

Mobility, cloud, and IoT are blurring the lines of the network perimeter, introducing new security vulnerabilities that are no longer bound by enterprise walls. Protecting your digital workplace and gaining visibility and control to proactively respond to gestating attacks is critical to the security of your business.

Securing your network in the modern era

Baynetwork bridges the gap between IT and security teams to address security threats. A complete campus, branch, and cloud-connected network infrastructure with built-in security, advanced threat detection and response, and secure network access control provides 360 degrees of analytics-driven cyber protection.

Analytics-driven cyber protection

Give your security and IT teams an integrated way to proactively detect and respond to advanced cyberattacks across any infrastructure. Baynetwork will deploy it's enterprise security framework that provides 360 degrees of active cyber protection and secure access.

With many of our employees being Engineers we are able to complete a job from start to finish like no others. The engineers at Baynetwork have countless hours of experience and piles of certifications from numerous manufactures. From our most junior help desk associate with several years of experience to one of our Senior Engineers with over 20 years of experience and 4 CCIE’s, we can get the job done!

Our engineers have been certified by all major software, hardware and application vendors. Each engineer invests a minimum of 80 hours a year in intensive continuing professional education (CPE).

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