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VOIP and Telepresence Solutions

VoIP and Telepresence Solutions

Business phone services are no longer just telephone services. They have evolved and are now often VoIP based and paired with unified communications (UCaaS), Telepresence as services such as conferencing, instant messaging, email, voicemail and business SMS. This potentially saves businesses money by providing integrated features rather than disjointed business applications. In addition, many business VoIP services offer unlimited calling plans and low-priced international plans. Many also work with a mixture of IP and traditional phone lines.

Is It Time to Upgrade?

For most, the answer is yes. VoIP business phone services are more affordable in the long run and offer many features beyond just telephone services. If you are not quite ready to make the leap and have a lot of fully functional analog phones you want to keep using, you can upgrade to VoIP and use an adapter to continue using your older phones, or you can add low-priced softphones (headsets) to your PCs to use VoIP services. Eventually, you'll likely make the full conversion, so you might give some thought to what's currently holding you back. Plan for adequate internet bandwidth to support your new phone system. Generally, you need to allocate for up to 100 Kbps per phone line.

Baynetwork provide more streamlined, intelligent and cost-efficient solutions, we helps businesses of any size get the most from their voice applications. Baynetwork offers three voice over IP (VoIP) options: On premises VoIP phone systems by ShoreTel-Mitel, Avaya, Polycom, Hosted Private Branch Exchange (Hosted PBX) and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunking. All options simplify network requirements, provide access to enhanced features and lower capital costs.

On-Premises or Hosted PBX

A local on-premises and cloud-based voice service, Baynetwork reduce capital investments in PBX and handset equipment and enables you to communicate anywhere, anytime.

SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking leverages an organization’s existing on-premise equipment by connecting it to Baynetwork's advanced softswitch network. In addition to basic voice packetization, SIP Trunking supports all traditional functionality associated with PBX interfaces, like call control, and network-supported features, such as caller ID, CNAM and E911.

Cloud Contact Center

Baynetwork’s Cloud Contact Center is an advanced call center management system, offered as a feature enhancement to Hosted PBX or SIP Trunking service.

The latest generation of video conference technology, telepresence solutions use a combination of technology elements and environmental design to create a two-way, immersive communications experience that simulates an in-person, interactive encounter. With the same furniture on both sides and super high definition it actually feels as though the remote participants are sitting across the table from you.

Historically, telepresence is a very expensive service to implement and not accessible for every organization. We at Baynetwork have access to latest and greatest Telepresence equipment and systems.

If you are ready to purchase telepresence equipment we can supply you with and provide recommendations of the various telepresence equipment, including: Cisco Telepresence, LifeSize Conference, Cisco Tandberg Telepresence, Polycom Realpresence and On-Stage Hologram.

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