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The digital age has brought together the technology and process maturity required to fundamentally transform IT services. Today, enterprises in every industry are under pressure to cut costs and become more agile. Enter IT Automation, the use of instructions to create a repeated process that replaces an IT professional’s manual work in varying business environments.

Baynetwork will help you automate your IT department and save your business time and money. Baynetwork’s IT Ops delivers a single, unified automation platform for managing an enterprise’s IT infrastructure, application support, monitoring, event handling and remediation.

Through the power of predictive analytics, Baynetwork’s IT Ops learns and understands trends to enable preventative scaling instead of reactive recovery.

IT Automation solution highlights:

  • Automated management for applications and infrastructure
  • Auto remediation of monitoring, incident and problem management
  • Customizable levels of automation
  • Unified automation approach
  • 500+ ready to deploy SOPs for common recurring incidents
  • Integration with ITSM tools for automatic updates
  • Plug and play architecture
  • Ticket enrichment and prioritization
  • Rule-based workflows
  • Metrics and reporting dashboards

Baynetwork has helped many customers address the challenge of transforming their business in the digital age. We enable organizations to succeed in today’s marketplace and help them implement cost-saving systems like IT automation to future-proof them for whatever problems are on the horizon.

Baynetwork's next-generation automation platforms and scripting utilize intelligent automation to transform IT operations, QA, DevOps, and processes across the entire enterprise.

We address three key transformation areas:

  • Ensure highly available IT systems and processes to serve customers across the globe over multiple channels using Baynetwork for IT Operations
  • Enable faster development of new products and ensure first time right using Baynetwork’s for System Engineering
  • Automate processes to free up bandwidth to work on transformation ideas with Baynetwork for Processes
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