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Today’s business problems are varied and demand versatility. Thankfully, the Cloud is a fantastic and powerful tool for any business.

Bay Networks supplies a suite of Cloud and VM services to help you succeed, stay flexible and instantly scale as needed.

 Baynetwork Cloud and virtualization services

Through Baynetwork and our services partners, your data and processing are hosted offsite by a server farm with enough capacity to absorb any spike of traffic or storage needs. Pay for what you use, when you use it, saving you money and giving peace of mind. Baynetwork helps clients manage their cloud environments from initial design through build, deployment, migration and ongoing management.

Microsoft Azure partner The right cloud solution is critical — and different for every organization. Finding requires deep knowledge of both the cloud providers and your organization — how both can and do work together. That’s where Baynetwork comes in. We help you achieve the ideal cloud solution by applying best practices developed over our 20+ years in traditional IT and 8+ years as a premier AWS and Microsoft partner to help ensure our clients’ environments are secure, meet compliance requirements (HIPAA, HITRUST, PCI, SOC 2, NIST, SOX, etc.), and maintain high availability. After performing hundreds of cloud installations and migrations, Baynetwork can assist you in selecting the cloud solutions that are “right” for your business.

Clouds have numerous advantages over local network:

  • Access your critical data wherever, whenever
  • Global infrastructure on a small budget
  • Instantly scale your infrastructure needs 24/7
  • Save energy
  • Reduce footprint
  • QA/LAB environments
  • Hardware independence
  • High availability
  • Improved disaster recovery
  • Application consolidation
  • Legacy and hybrid applications

By choosing our cloud solution, you need not purchase expensive hardware that won’t be able to scale as you grow. Baynetwork’s team of certified professionals will help you construct a network with minimal downtime and no need for costly upkeep. We can help you with Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google cloud, or set-up your own private hybrid solution. And through the cloud, know that your data is secure and backed up, safe.

AWS Cloud azure cloud Google cloud Private and Hybrid cloud

Baynetwork's Cloud Migration Assessment

Baynetwork’s Cloud Migration Assessment provides the “hard data” for your cloud migration. We evaluate all of the key parameters you need to review in any cloud migration project. This includes current pricing for various vendors like AWS, Azure and Google using your precise workload and computing demands.

Baynetwork’s Cloud Assessment Report provides you value worth many times over its price. Pricing is based upon the number of physical or virtual servers analyzed in your environment.

Here’s what you get in the Cloud Assessment Report:Amazon AWS partner

  • Cloud Migration Readiness Assessment
  • Cloud Migration Strategy and Tactics
  • Application Discovery and Dependency Analysis
  • Right-Sized Resource Allocation
  • Total Cost Assessment
  • “What if Analysis” around computing, backups, and storage
  • Real-time Cost Comparisons between AWS, Azure,Google and others

By combining our analysis of your infrastructure needs with our deep industry knowledge of cloud providers and practices, Baynetwork will develop and execute a comprehensive plan that best achieves your ideal cloud solution, including help with:

Cloud Architecture

Equipment build-out

Post-migration support

Vendor negotiations

Implementation run book

Migration timetable

Service selections

Backup and recovery

Purposing legacy assets

To make your cloud migration journey successful contact Baynetwork today and let our professionals work for you by Calling 1(866)941-8510to setup a free consultation!



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