WAN LAN Solutions

Bay networks LAN | WAN services provide equipment procurement, setup and configuration of Wide Area Network including but not limited to Cable, T1, OC3, OC48, OC192, ATM, 1Gig and 10 Gigabit Ethernet and other wide area and local area network connections, post-sales support, network monitoring, event management, maintenance and support for IP-enabled systems for your company. This includes any qualifying device deployed in your LAN or WAN environments.

With every increasing demand for more secure and faster data, the importance of a reliable and robust LAN/WAN network grows as well. Baynetwork’s experts have 20 years of experience in IT and will help you set up and maintain your LAN/WAN environment.

Managed LAN | WAN Features and Benefits

  • 24/7 Network Operations Center monitoring and support*
  • Multiple unique support options: Basic, Enhanced and Complete
  • Qualified devices include routers, firewalls, switches and Wi-Fi equipment
  • Replacement intervals equal to vendor hardware support agreements
  • View-only access of Baynetwork's SolarWinds**
  • Enables you to focus on revenue producing business objectives
  • Access to web-based reports
  • Bandwidth utilization and interface availability management and monitoring
  • On-site break/fix support

Baynetwork works with Cisco, Juniper, Hewlett Packard, Dell and other leading CPE vendors to utilize your existing hardware support agreements for your benefit. Our NOC experts monitor and support your environments on a 24/7 basis and coordinate equipment replacement when you need it.

Don’t let monitoring, troubleshooting, bottleneck resolution or bandwidth limitations soak up your company’s precious time and resources.

A Holistic Approach

Our wide area network and local area network infrastructure solutions are designed to take a holistic view of your network, and are customized for our clients’ specific needs. Baynetwork's technical specialists look for areas to optimize and protect your network through secure connections and infrastructure fitted with appropriate network devices.

Just a few of our focuses include:

  • WAN | LAN Network designs that provide fast and redundant access to the data you need
  • WAN bandwidth optimization, management and caching
  • Configuring and securing your routers, switches and strengthening entire network for security and Data Lost prevention management
  • Reviewing current firewalls configuration to let in what you want and keep out the rest
  • Secure wireless access points providing the portability needed in today’s business without sacrificing security
  • Reviewing your VLAN's configurations, Configuring QoS for VoIP and Data, Network Port Security, Network and Domain policies 

municipal network example

End-to-End Service

Baynetwork specializes in integrating all types of network solutions seamlessly. As a professional Complete IT Solutions company, we prioritize efficiency, security, and overall resource management with our end-to-end service to assess your current environment and design your network for today and the future.

Contact us today to Learn more and talk to one of our Engineers and Account managers to setup free consultation.


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* Client must be on NOC monitoring services plan
** Other software monitoring solutions available  


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